New issue of Agapé available online

OTO US Grand Lodge - Sat, 16/05/2020 - 05:25

The Spring 2020 EV issue of Agapé, the official newsletter of U.S. Grand Lodge O.T.O., is now available online (PDF document). This is a double issue, combining volume 19 numbers 3 and 4. All issues of Agapé are available here, including several published over the past two years which have only recently been made available online.

Convocation of Lovers postponed

OTO US Grand Lodge - Mon, 27/04/2020 - 04:44

The Convocation of Lovers scheduled for August 2020 in Cleveland has been indefinitely postponed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Those with hotel reservations for this event should cancel them. There should be no cancellation fee charged if you made a reservation at the Courtyard Cleveland Westlake using the conference reservation link.

USGL summer 2020 events update

OTO US Grand Lodge - Wed, 22/04/2020 - 05:03

The in-person annual U.S. Grand Lodge Joint Meeting scheduled for July 2020 in Oakland CA has been canceled. Individual governing bodies will meet online; members of those bodies will receive further information.

A decision on whether the Convocation of Lovers scheduled for August 2020 in Cleveland OH will be canceled will be announced by April 30 2020.

Thelema Now! Guest: David Hertzberg (2020)

Thelema NOW! - Fri, 17/04/2020 - 22:36

Thelema Now talks to David Hertzberg, the composer of The Wake World opera. Scored for five instruments and nine singers, it premiered in 2017 at the Barnes Foundation under the aegis of Opera Philadelphia. Based on a mystical fairy tale written by Aleister Crowley whilst under the influence of the Golden Dawn, the story describes an ecstatic journey of initiation through Hermetic runes, as Lola is lead by her fairy prince through a magical palace to enlightenment. Winner of the Music Critics Association of North America's Best New Opera Award, The Wake World is an operatic tour-de-force! It's being released on April 24th - GET IT NOW!! 

Dues Relief for O.T.O. Members

OTO US Grand Lodge - Thu, 09/04/2020 - 00:35
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Greetings on the First Day of the Writing of the Book of the Law!

Due to the ongoing economic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, the International Supreme Council of Ordo Templi Orientis, in consultation with the Grand Lodges, is implementing the following measures to provide dues relief to the membership, effective immediately:

  • The membership term of all currently active members of O.T.O. worldwide is hereby extended by six months, with no additional dues required to be paid for this period.
  • Active members who are currently in arrears on their dues payments will have an additional six months to become dues-current, during which time their membership will not become inactive.

We wish to assure our members that their membership status will not suffer if they are unable to make their regular dues payments during this crisis.

Members of U.S. Grand Lodge who wish to verify their current membership term and dues status may do so by contacting the Grand Treasurer General.

Love is the law, love under will.

Thelema Now! Guest: Frater Orpheus

Thelema NOW! - Thu, 02/04/2020 - 21:20

Thelema Now host Harper talks about Crowley, the peace sign (or V for Victory) and gratitude with Frater Orpheus.  The wide-ranging conversation covers a lot of topics so check it out! And to find out more about "On The Rights Of Man" and Frater Orpheus, visit this website! 

What Do Major Religions Say About Meat-Eating?

ModernGnosis - Tue, 31/03/2020 - 15:51

More than 200 million land animals are slaughtered each day around the world for their meat. If you add wild animals and fishes, more than a billion animals turn to meat every day. What do major religions have to say about this?

Vegetarianism has its roots in major religions. One of these religions is Judaism, where the followers believe that God instructed Adam and Eve to eat fruits from all the trees in the Garden of Eden. According to them, the Bible clearly states that only plants should provide food for humans. The book of Daniel stresses the vegetarianism diet further. When Daniel and three other slaves were held in captivity, they were offered the King’s rich diet, but they refused. Instead, they asked for vegetables and water—the Saddleback Church in California references to this story of Daniel in their lifestyle change program.

In their dietary laws, Jews stress the need to minimize cruelty to animals, whether in food production or as beasts of burden. The vegetarian diet is observed in some major religions and sects of some religions, such as Christianity. Read on to learn more:


Christians do not have a problem eating meat. However, some sects within Christianity believe that meat-eating is cruelty to animals. Others, such as Catholics, avoid meat on specific days of the week. The stand on meat-eating is conflicting amongst Christians. In the Old Testament, Leviticus 11, God instructs Israelites to eat all animals except those that do not chew curd and those whose hooves are not split. Pigs and donkeys fall in that category. In 1 Timothy 4:4, the Bible says that everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving. Christians use these two verses to argue why they eat or don’t eat the meat of certain animals.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has the strongest teaching on vegetarianism. The founder of the church, Ellen White, was vegetarian. In the church, therefore, Lacto-Ovo-vegetarianism is promoted. Followers who adhere to a plant-based diet have shown better health and longer lifespan according to research. A group of researchers posits that Jesus was a vegetarian.


Early Muslims lead a pastoral and nomadic lifestyle that made it a challenge for them to be vegetarians. During early civilization in Asia, distinguished meat-eating Muslims from Hindus and Buddhists who were predominantly vegetarians.

The teachings of the Qur’an are the same as the teachings of the Bible in many aspects. Forbidden foods among Muslims include blood, pork, and the meat of any animal that has not been cut along the jugular with a very sharp knife while reciting a prayer. The Qur’an preaches compassion towards animals. Prophet Mohammed favored vegetarian food, especially honey, yogurt, butter, nuts, cucumber, dates, grapes, and fig, among others.

The halal, Muslim laws, dictates that only “clean” animals slaughtered properly with compassion are allowed. The Qur’an says that all animals are like humans and should be treated with compassion. However, no animal will be slaughtered in Mecca, Prophet Mohammed’s birthplace. All 1.4 billion Muslims each meat and will get the popular type of grill to enjoy the meat – they do so while claiming that no one should reject what Allah permits.


Hindus are the majority of the world’s vegetarians. They have perfected the art of eating diverse food servings of a vegetarian diet. From the North to the South of India, you will find different meatless cuisines as an indication of the many years that the Hindus have perfected the Vegetarian diet.

Early writings in India indicate that a vegetarian diet has been the staple for Hindus. In the Mahabharata, it is clearly explained that the “meat of animals is like the flesh on one’s own son, and anyone fool who eats meat is to be considered the vilest of all human beings.”

There is also the issue of the sacred cow, which makes vegetarianism a daily sadhana, spiritual practice.


Buddhists, like Hindus, are strict vegetarians. Buddha advised his monks not to eat meat, but they were to accept anything that was served to them. He preached compassion towards animals, although meat-eating and animal slaughters were common during Buddha’s lifetime.

According to Buddha, his followers were not to eat meat if they saw the animal being slaughtered, gave consent for the slaughter, or knew the animal as being slaughtered for them.


Jains have the same preaching as Buddhists and Hindus. Religion stresses the practice of ahimsa or non-violence towards animals. Most Jains abstain from meat and honey as they believe that every creature deserves compassion and should never be harmed.


All animals should be shown mercy, compassion, and respect – at least all major religions agree on that. Mercy can be in not slaughtering these animals for food or in the way they are slaughtered. For Muslims and Christians, animals need to be slaughtered with compassion. For the Hindus and Buddhists, the slaughter of animals for food should be avoided.

As Albert Einstein puts it, human health and survival will benefit from the evolution of a vegetarian diet. Some people believe in a vegetarian diet even when they do not subscribe to any religion.

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Hold on all U.S. O.T.O. gatherings

OTO US Grand Lodge - Sat, 21/03/2020 - 02:44

The Grand Master Sabazius has announced a hold on all U.S. O.T.O. gatherings until further notice. More information is available here.

A message from the Grand Master on pandemic response

OTO US Grand Lodge - Mon, 16/03/2020 - 18:46

The Grand Master Sabazius has provided some useful information and advice to O.T.O. members about how to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Support your local body during the COVID-19 pandemic

OTO US Grand Lodge - Fri, 13/03/2020 - 01:18

Event cancellations at local bodies due to COVID-19 will reduce revenue, but not rent and other fixed expenses. Many local bodies already operate on extremely tight margins and struggle to pay their bills even during normal times. All members are encouraged to continue to financially support their local bodies, even if there are no events to attend for a while. Please help keep your local body open!

Coronavirus policy

OTO US Grand Lodge - Thu, 12/03/2020 - 04:29

To all local bodies within U.S. Grand Lodge: For all official gatherings, please observe all guidance issued by the CDC, and by state or local health authorities, pertaining to sanitation, hygiene, and event attendance related to the new Coronavirus.

Spring 2020 gatherings cancelled

OTO US Grand Lodge - Tue, 03/03/2020 - 20:23

Out of an abundance of caution regarding the developing COVID-19 situation, U.S. Grand Lodge has decided to cancel its scheduled national gatherings this spring, specifically Advanced Initiator Training, Kaaba Colloquium, and the Electoral College meeting. The Electoral College meeting will be held online according to standard Electoral College procedures.

For more information regarding COVID-19, please refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website (cdc.gov/nCoV).

U.S. Grand Lodge also recommends that local bodies monitor their local situations, and cancel local gatherings if appropriate, e.g., if schools close in their area or official advisories are issued.

U.S. Grand Lodge will continue to monitor the national situation, and will reschedule the canceled events when it is prudent to do so.

Grimoire of Aleister Crowley on Red Wheel / Weiser Books

abrahadabra.net - Mon, 05/08/2019 - 18:17

The reissued version of Rodney Orpheus’ book Grimoire of Aleister Crowley is now available worldwide from Red Wheel / Weiser Books. You can buy it from Amazon and all good bookstores!

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93s to what seem to be generally more advanced Thelemites than I. I was pleased to discover www.outer-college.org has the Student Oath and reading list with
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Tahuti Lodge, O.T.O., NYC, Calendar of Events for May 2013 e.v.

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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Tahuti Lodge, Ordo Templi Orientis, NYC MAY 2013 EV Calendar of Events + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
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Re: Kill versus Fill

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Thelema Frater Jake, Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. ... Please tell me who AaaK was? Love is the Law, Love under Will. ALWays, Soror Binah
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Re: Kill versus Fill

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Together, they have a nice ring: Aum! let it fill me! [228] Aum! let it kill me! [219] FWIW by EQ11: fill 45: 45 & not & be A worm, a a scholar a foul
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Re: Kill versus Fill

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Thelema 93, Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. ... ways of thinking about the material and our relationships with it Thank you so much for
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Re: Kill versus Fill

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kill as opposed to fill likely involves AC's extreme & simplistic take on 'Buddhist' ego death; thence to other half baked stuff. Whether Thelema should
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