The collection of links has always been the core, no actually the sole purpose of 'The 93 Current' website, which is to give an overview over the 'thelemic' scene of the internet by offering a quite comprehensive collection of links along with some of my personal thoughts, although I at least aim to show the 93 current in all its different flavours. It goes without saying that the selection of links and the comments are totally subjective.

I'd also like to point out that I may not agree with each opinion given on some of these sites. Some links were added just, because they provide a view different from mine to give you, my special visitor friend, the benefit of choice! It is up to you to assess the many, sometimes contradicting points of view (of course including my own, which I've not always tried to hide ;).

If you think a quality site is missing or are not happy with the way I presented something, please share it with me by using the feedback form.

A few hints

The links are grouped in categories, which you can find either in the links section of the navigation bar to the left or at the bottom right of each link entry. If you wish to leave a public comment on a link, feel free to do so. Alternatively you can also use the search engine.

I have also set up RSS feeds across the whole website. The main feed at the bottom of the navigation bar allows you to subscribe to any update I provide, but if you are just interested in new links of a certain category, you can as well find such a feed at the bottom of each individual site.

Enjoy your trip through the 'thelemic' part of net!